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You're in real estate but something is missing. Whether compensation is where you'd like it to be or not, something is still missing. What's missing is a purpose. No matter what path we choose to pursue as a career, there's no satisfaction without purpose.

We at O Realty define and live purpose. We are committed to success in more ways than one. We know that lasting, material success follows a passionate and engaged individual, who is part of something larger, all pulling together for the good of the whole.

O Realty is real estate 2.0. 

Come be a part of the leading edge where you will see new possibilities and develop renewed passion and purpose.

If you understand that what you do is not who you are...if you know that the ethics and integrity you bring to each transaction is your calling card and your marketing strategy...if you think that the means to the end ultimately defines the end...and if you think teamwork isn't a bumper sticker but is mutual and genuine caring about all the players involved...then we'd like to talk with you about joining O Realty because we think alike.

We invite you to explore our uniqueness and see why agents are making the change to O Realty.

Our commitment to state-of-the-art technology supports you in capturing more leads which result in more closings.  Our Website design instantly captures prospects who are serious about searching for a property. Our easy to use database is designed with you, the Agent, in mind so that following up with prospects is a simple process. The prospects we refer on a continuous basis make up a high percentage of closed business, which allows for rewarding compensation.

However, what we are most proud of at O Realty is our supportive and motivational environment. This is where we shine. This is our leading edge. An agency environment starts at the top. At O Realty, the top starts with purpose, passion and pride in our agency and you, the face of O Realty.

If you are an Agent who's been looking for purpose, new or renewed, come see the view from the leading edge. Its spectacular...and abundant with possibilities.

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